Hi Forum Members, I am new to the forum. I have learned much reading the posts. Thank you.
I am about to buy a Contax IIIA Camera. The question is this : Where can I buy lenses that are made for this Camera. The Zeiss lenses seem to be only on E- Bay. Is this correct? Camera Quest sells Voightlander lenses but that is not what I would like. The original lenses would be nice. I am trying to buy a 35mm and a approx. 90mm Zeiss lens for the Contax. I use these two focal lenghts most in my SLR Cameras. Some times a 24mm as well. I am not a collector good user lenses are just fine. Unless the Russian lenses are superb they are not an option. I like to stay as original as possible. Thank you for reading. Do you have any advise? Regards Peter