So, my local camera store still sells film. They don't have a huge selection. They're prices are high, but they are all older, and most still shoot on film, although the store has gone mostly d-word.

Now my question: Would you buy film from a camera store if you knew it was not refrigerated/frozen, and did not have a high turn over. It hurts me to say, because I like the store and its employees, but I can get better prices and products online. Of course this is the case everywhere.

Also, when I say high prices, let me give you an example. They have 4 rolls of Ektachrome 64T. They want $19/per for it. They are not going to order anymore. I told them I would buy all four rolls for $50 (which is about what I would pay on Freestyle), they said no. So there it sits on the shelf, collecting dust.

I should also say they are not going to go out of business any time soon. They do a LOT of rental and retail sales via D-word. They have a nice selection of used analogue gear, including a Nikon F, and a Canon F-1 that I REAAAAAALLY want...