Probably what we're seeing is the final stages in the breakdown of a distribution system, a combination of increased internet takeup and market volume decrease.

I can only speak for the UK, but the trajectory is probably similar in the US - some years ago there were attempts by major photo material manufacturers to facilitate smaller dealers handling a wider range and more quantity of stock - so having seen a problem looming they attempted an overhaul, working with the existing system to make it more productive. As time went on that initiative failed.

Where we are now is that the smallest dealers are now of no consequence, and are being increasingly marginalised, while the biggest gun of all is starting to be brought out of the armoury - manufacturers direct sales.

The situation in the UK is maybe more distorted than the US, as here over 20 years a very large proportion of independent high street shops were brought into one enormous company, which worked out badly in the long term.

So don't blame your small independents too much, they've been badly treated in recent years, and are playing with a very poor hand of cards.