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So don't blame your small independents too much, they've been badly treated in recent years, and are playing with a very poor hand of cards.
I don't blame them at all, and it's regretable when anyone's business fails through no fault of their own, or even through not moving with the times.

But not all of the small businesses were perfect...a local shop fobbed me off when my first "expensive" camera (bought after saving up for two years as a student) was continually faulty (and it was them who persuaded me to have that make, rather than my original choice...no doubt a bigger profit margin...)
Another sold me faulty chemicals which ruined holiday film from a one-off student trip (I checked the batch number with Kodak....eight years old!)
And, as for outdated film....either they don't mention it, or say "it doesn't matter"...

It's a wonder that I didn't give up on photography...