Being completely sold out to PMK for 4x5, I found DiXactol to be far better for smaller formats. The confusion is which configuration to use. I measured the 2 bath use as N-2. Good for some things but not as universal as the monobath use. I mix 1.6mL A to 11.6mL of B in 500cc water at 68F for all my 6x6 use. It can do N, N+1 and N+2 just fine. Fon N- i use the 2 bath. I use Split D-23 for 35 & 16mm film. Bath A is 6.25g Metol, 85g Sodium Sulfite in 1 L water, Bath B is 24g Sodium Metaborate in 1L water. 4 minutes each bath 68 to 75F. Great results on cute little films. - Frank