I have no issue with minilabs/1-hr labs. I'll use pro labs sometimes, but they're expensive for my purposes--I don't need perfect prints created by someone else. I want scans, and only get the negatives--all minilabs, if properly maintained, are capable of doing this. Lately it's more difficult to find a drugstore with a minilab, at least in New York, which is why I've been frequenting my dedicated 1-hr lab more, even though they cost about $1 more. But generally I don't find the need for dip-and-dunk at an additional $3 above the 1-hr lab. And I love the people at my 1-hr lab, they are quite accommodating.

I would LIKE to get wet prints, but color is so variable when someone else is doing it. These days I only submit scans that I corrected myself and request no further adjustments as gr82bart said above.

I found some 10-year-old prints the other day and had a wonderful moment of nostalgia. They were essentially snaps but important to me (some dear friends with their 8-day-old baby) so I'd taken them to a pro place. I was rather horrified by the awful color of the prints I got back...and to my young self, they'd been relatively expensive. I then took the negs to a drugstore--possibly CVS, can't remember for sure--where I found an incredibly patient employee (not a teen) willing to adjust the prints exactly as I expected. It took multiple tries, yet she only charged for the single copies I'd wanted...and was just as excited as I was to see the color balance perfected. Complete professionalism and love for the job. At a drugstore. Hard to imagine now.