I have a whole bunch of the stuff, and even mixed up the modified RA-4 chemistry ( as I recall it was 12mL per litre of Benzyl Alcohol and a bit of bromide to try to image with it. It needed really heavy filtration, as I recall, and it had a yelow cast/stain to it, even when I got the filter pack as close to neutral as I could get it. It takes a longer time to develop than RA-4, and I have used RA-4 blix for the longer EP/2 time, althoigh I do not know if extending that part of the process is needed.

I have used some 16x20 strickly as a handy material to be a mask, to make the right sized 'windows' on my vaccuuum easel. I have alos toyed with the thoight of bleaching it then using it as a substrate to coat alt process photos on.

Until that day of experimentation comes, it sits in a rarely used part of the darkroom.