After some searching through the forums, I still haven't found a clear answer to something that's bothering me: I'd like to try C41 at home, just for kicks - and perhaps do some color 4x5 negs later, when I get the hang of the process. I have a Jobo CPA2, and know how to use it - been using it strictly for B&W, though. Never done any color before!

The problem is that I can't purchase small C41 kits locally (like Fuji X-Press). Shipping from abroad is way too expensive, so I asked my local photo lab for some of their chemicals. They said OK, but claim that the chems are suited for particular machine (theirs is Noritsu). I'd still like to try...

From what I understand, I basically need a developer (or replenisher + starter), bleach and fix (or do I also need the stabilizer?).

Anything I shuld know regarding using the commercial chemicals - i.e. those intended for commercial labs - at home in a Jobo processor?