...you'll have to unmount the frames and remount them. This is a mounter problem. Likely a dull blade.


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The long awaited package has arrived from Dwayne's -- 10 rolls of film from a recent trip to China. Once in a lifetime, really, in terms of the trip and the film choice since Kodak's announcement of the future of Kodachrome.

Sifting through the hundreds of slides, a few things became apparent right away.

Kodachrome is totally unique.

Dwayne's has some problems mounting slides.

An average of 20% of the slides show the edge & sprocket holes due to faulty mounting, and being mounted off-kilter. This is just unacceptable.

I haven't seen any scratches or other faults, and at least with wonky mounting the entire image is still printable/scannable, but...

Has anyone else had this problem? I plan to write a polite but firm message to Dwayne's about this issue - I'm not looking for battles - but wanted to let everyone know and see if this is common or just a one-off oddity.