The trick to minimize the enevitable Dwayne's K-14 mounting/cutting problems is to only shoot film in a camera that you know has consistent film spacing, and NEVER shoot to the end of the roll, 35 max unless you want that last frame cut in half/taped. They use quite a bit of the end to tape each roll end to end for there Cine processor.

The processing itself always looks great, but the handling and service is poor. I would quite easily say that 50% of my film comes back with some issue. My favorite is the familiar end image cut in half with the rest of the roll cut through the edge of each image, AND half a frame cut off on both sides sitting loose in the box. Sending multiple rolls in a box and getting back ten mounted rolls worth of loose slides in a thin padded envelop because all they used was scotch tape to hold the slide boxes shut - which the slides are now stuck to, is another. Again, I sent some film in via Fuji marked Do Not Cut, and instead of returning them unprocessed, they went ahead and cut the film and included a note saying 'Do Not Cut' is not a service they offer (though they do it for direct orders).