The last several times I think I was one of the earlier senders, but events have conspired to keep me away from the darkroom. I've gotten to where I've found a negative I like and is easy enough to print at postcard size (I dread the idea of dodging or burning a postcard size print!). I think it will look better toned so I will try that, hopefully this weekend, on the trial postcards I've made. The production run will follow soon!

I've had no real time to comment on the great postcards of this round, but I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is addicted to the process of opening their mail box to see what gem is in there! Several people here have such a consistent (and very good) printing style that I can identify the photographer without turning over the card to read the back. I do think the postcard and print exchanges are some of what makes apug work so well.