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I've been a regular ebay user for nearly all of my photography equipment for the past 3 years. I occasionally sell things too. My recent attempt to sell has reminded me of the frustations I have with the service in general. I must have in total spend around a whole day contacting ebay trying to resolve issues that were mostly faults of the system. In each case I was given automated responses that did not fix the issue, anyway....

I looked today and they charge 10% on final value fee, not only that but you must also offer paypal which charges another fee close to 5% and also you have to have a paid business account to accept paypal payments from a credit card!

In the end you end up paying around 15% on the sale of your product + insertion fees + paypal account fees

This seems to have affected trade as in the photography sections most things have ridiculously high buy it now fees and biddable bargains are few and far between.

Is Ebay still the place where photog's do their trade?

I'm looking into Ebid which seems as the only rival to ebay that has a chance. It is international. The escrow service seems to be a usable neat solution to faud (from personal experience i've discovered that paypal it not, they even charge you when you been done over!)

I'm going to start using ebid in a hope that it becomes more popular for photographers. There is a 3% final value fee and at the moment they have an offer of 50 for lifetime membership (never pay another fee again)
Has anyone else used them?
I have limited experience with keh.com but they have reasonable prices it seems. I bought from them a RB67 for a little bit more than I could on ebay, but it was in mint condition, well packaged etc... I used to love ebay, and now I started to hate it for some reason. Do you know what I use ebay for the most part now, to learn about camera equipment, it is like a huge catalog of lenses, cameras and other equipment.

Just my two cents