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Finally, what if a bride asked for off-center compositions with subtle, soft light?
Perhaps I was a bit upset when I wrote that. It happens. As to your question, I have been thinking about that very thing. Is the customer always right. A fellow photographer and myself were having a discussion in which he stated that people buy his digitally produced work (all digital) because it looks like everyone elses work, just better. I said people buy my work because it doesn't look like everyone else. If they want photography in a can, all looking the same, they can go to you. If they want my artistic ability and vision, they come to me.

We agreed to disagree, because we are good friends. But that still left me wondering if I should expand my "artistic vision". Should I make images that I don't like, nor have any desire to spend time on, just to make money? Most people I talk to say yes. I'm not convinced.

That's off topic and I'm sorry.