Wildtypitch, you're in the UK and this is eBay.co.UK we're talking about?

I'm in the US and still find the occasional incredibly rare bargain on ebay.com (along with the beat-up junk with BIN prices where sellers must be smoking dope).

It's probably a better experience nowadays as a buyer than seller, for the most part, except on items where scarcity or trendiness drives the auction price higher than any sensible party would bid. And these are the items that truly boggle the mind. for instance I can't seem to find any Grafmatics lately for a price I'm willing to spend. I saw one go for $190 recently.

But then, I did find an amazing Meridian 45CE (technical field camera) prototype-- quite possibly the only one of it's kind in the world yet in existence!-- a couple of weeks ago, that's easily worth at least twice my winning bid and perhaps a great deal more.