Any sales from any source can be a source of frustration -- and it is that damn rotten apple that spoil the barrel. I bought a 5x7 camera in "good" condition from a LF Forum member (who also had a GG business) at what seemed a pretty good price (for both of us), but when it arrived it was obviously from a home of a heavy smoker. I set it up in the garage to air out for a few was nasty to even handle.

Then when I went to actually use it, the gearing on the bed was very marginal and the back unusable. Disappointing and frustrating. But a half-year had past and I had not asked the proper questions about the camera, so I wrote it off as a learning experience (and a future learning experience in camera restoration). But if he was still in business, I would not buy any GG from him.

It is painful to see the same model camera, but in much much better condition, going for less than half of the price on eBay that I paid.