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Rules are meant to be broken by those who a) actually understand, fundamentally, why it is considered a rule in the first place and b) who know how and when to break rules in order to add to the impact of the result. Rules should not be broken by those who a) have no idea why it is a rule, or worse, don't even know that it is a rule b) have no idea what they are trying to say in the first place, and/or c) are more concerned with impressing and/or emulating others than with expressing themselves. At least in my humble opinion. Also in my opinion, since we're ranting these sorts of competitions tend to be filled primarily with the latter rather than the former, but I could be wrong...

- Randy
I generally agree with this: You have to understand the conventions of the genre before you can make the artistic decision to disregard them. On the other hand, learning, and following, these basic conventions does stifle creativity somewhat. I think this is one of the oldest philisophical debates in the art world, and there is no real answer. Invariably, the creators of this contest will get some of what they expressly asked people not to submit, so in the end it will balance out. They will have both, submissions that follow the 'rules' and those that break them. May the best photos win.