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what i find to be kind of funny about the website / contest linked to
is that it is a professional organization with an international scope for
portrait and wedding photographers ( kind of like the asmp but different).
usually people who shoot weddings and portraits for a living have a clue when it comes
to composition &C. it seems to be talking to
these people as if they just picked up a camera and are trying to find
their way ...
I guess that's what set me off in the first place. I don't think I will ever join the WPPI, just like I don't think I will ever join the ASCAP. Now if the ASC, american society of cinematographers wants to give me an honorary membership, I wouldn't pass that up. I don't know... maybe its just my
"I'm not really a fan of 'societies'" attitude. I am freelancing a wedding for my cousin, because she likes my "flavor". She is having a "professional" do her ceremony, and I am anxious to see what he will produce.