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Edison knew he was the last of the empirical inventors, and that invention as the 20'th century came in could not be done effectively by small teams. Land's approach to research embodied the same enthusiasm and motivation but taken to a new level, large teams of supremely skilled individuals, but still the genius at the core. And now - we've got computers!
Off topic a bit but Edison never invented anything.

He was the first of the modern day, corporate 'inventors', and stole other people's inventions wherever he could. Inventions of people with less money and so fewer lawyers to defend their rights.
If that didn't work, and he wanted to get his fingers on whatever it might have been, he might pay some money to the inventor and buy his invention, or the inventor himself, legitimately.
He (and George Eastman, by the way) ran a 'see you in court' type research department.

Land was very different.