Thank you David, I was under the mistaken impression that the newer Contax G series Zeiss lenses would fit. I gather they do not. Thanks also for asking the question do I know the old lenses? No I do not. The thinking was that the Zeiss lenses would be OK. Not necessarily multi coated but very good. It really does not have to be a Contax just a rangefinder with interchangeable lenses. I have a Voightlander Vito BL but it has a fixed lens. The Leica III's are too old I thought.
Nikon rangefinders are priced beyond reason. That leaves the Conon P and 7's also not cheap. The Fedka's and Kievs I was told to stay away from as the quality is not predictable. A friend is a collector and goes to all the Camera swap shows here in the Toronto area he says even if you get the Russian Cameras fixed this month next month something else or the same thing will break again. In other words you can't rely on them. That is no good. One good Camera should be enough to take on an outing to take pictures, if lucky even photographs. A user rangefinder in good shape is what I am looking to buy. Regards Peter