I really enjoy this exchange, and I would like to comment on all the cards that I have received so far.

sly-(Hood of a Morris Car) This photo has a slightly menacing feel; the reflection of the landscape in the center of the hood looks a little like a large, wet mouth. Great tonality, nice wet look.
crispinuk-(Harbor, Early Morning) The glass-like stillness of the water is wonderful. The yellow boat and line in the foreground adds greatly to the composition.
Wolfgang Moersch-(Infrared Tree) This photo has a warm feel, despite the black sky. The pattern of the edge of the cloud upper right matches the outline of the tree so closely that it seems they just separated, or are just about to connect.
Black Dog-(Floor Lamp and Christmas Lights) I keep coming back to this one. The floor lamp has a cozy feel, but outside the window are these disturbing lights; are they friendly or not?
Fleath-(Child Running) This photo has me wondering what will happen next. The feeling of motion is convincing.
markrewald(Angel Statue) The statue has a patina of age and weather exposure which suggests neglect, but the angel’s facial features are intact enough to be reassuring, and maybe even hopeful. The light coming from the upper left resembles a halo.
Roger Bulcock-(Boats in Fog) An excellent mysterious fog photo. The boats in a line could be going somewhere or could be moored, who knows? The bird overhead is going to find out. And what is that in the left background?
Mick Fagan-(Portrait of his Young Niece) A wonderful portrait. Excellent tonality and sharpness; the background does not distract. Your niece has a mildly annoyed and yet cute and interested look on her face.
mooseontheloose-(Infrared Soccer Landscape) A very interesting shot! The infrared adds an air of unreality, but what really gets me is the boy about to kick the ball and more importantly his and the ball’s shadow on the ground. This absurd shadow shape, with the glowing ball hovering over it, really makes the picture. Even the building becomes a (large) spectator to the event.
tocalosh-(Horse Fair) Wonderful action shot! There is a lot to look at in this photo, and I keep coming back to it. The blurry spectators, wisps of light in the trees, horse moving everywhere, and the driver with an intense look on his face and the sole of his shoe in perfect sharp focus-how did you do that?
drpsilver-(Ruins of a Bank) A nice shot of a mysterious doorway; are we inside the bank or outside? I love to visit ghost towns; there is this feeling of sadness mixed with nostalgia, and wondering what the place was like in the good old days.
Pete H.-(Rocks and Water Cliché) I love this kind of shot-I have taken many myself. Maybe it is the way you printed it dark, but the “rocks and water” in this shot come closer to looking edible than any other I have seen.
lorirfrommontana-(Yellowstone River) When I think of the Yellowstone, I think of a huge waterfall in an immense canyon. This photo shows a much different aspect of the river-I can feel the soggy wetness. The overarching tree is nice.
rtbadman-(Trash Can Handle) Nice sharp, well printed and toned shot. When I look at this, I can feel myself holding a trash can, carrying it from here to there. I hear the sound the handle makes when you let go of it.
Tim Gray-(Creepy Statue) Yes, this is a really creepy shot. The paper is wonderful, however. Metallic glitter gives the impression that the statue’s wardrobe is made of tinfoil.