I cannot really understand why you are limiting yourself to earlier cameras, where dubious reliability and parts availability are part-and-parcel of the deal. Since, as you said, you have no particular reason for demanding a classic camera, but a camera for day-to-day use, with reliability and consistancy, you can hardly go past the current Voigtlander (no "h"!) system; for the cost of acquiring a Contax IIIA with a couple of matching lenses (preferably post-Opton period), the cost of the equipment would be just te starting point as you would need to get them expertly serviced; that will be considerably more than having a brand new Voigtlander Bessa kit which will at least give you peace of mind as long as the warranty lasts.

But if you have already factored in the cost of a complete service/rebuild of camera and its lenses, I do not really think the ex-Soviet cameras are as bad as they're made out to be. Sure they're assembled with less care than those from Germany and Japan, but I am convinced that if properly assembled or reassembled with the care they deserved in the first place they can indeed be fully dependable, as demonstrated by a number of "hot-rod shops" who rebuild Kiev 60 and 88 cameras. Stories of product unreliability are by nature self-perpetuating so you have to treat them with the right dose of scepticism.