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I'm a litigator when I'm not a photographer.
When I was starting out, the idea of appearing
before a judge and arguing my case was an
intimidating prospect. How was I ever going
to present my argument with the ease and
grace of Perry Mason?

My first day in a courtroom was a quick
education in what happens in courts in the
real world. Now, when coaching a young lawyer,
I tell them to go and spend a day in court -- any
court -- watching the lawyers make their cases.
It's a great confidence builder.

A few times I've had people ask me to shoot
their weddings. I'm not qualified to do that so
I tell them thanks but, really, go hire a real
photographer to do that.

Except, now that I've met the real photographers,
it makes me think I'd be well-served opening up
a photo studio and taking the commissions.

1) By referring to Perry Mason, we tend to date ourselves, don't we ;

2) Can you think of any example where Perry Mason actually argued any law ?

3) Excellent advice to new lawyers, although I would expand it a bit and recommend that everyone who has any desire to comment on courts and the law should go through the same exercise;

4) I started first as a photographer (including as a wedding photographer) and then became a lawyer later. While I tend to cringe when I see some of the wedding work being done now, I have no desire to go back!