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I have bought a few small accessory items from e-Bay stores located in China, particularly adapter rings and the like. The prices were low enough that I took the chance to see if I would receive items, if ever, and if they would be acceptable. To my amazement, items from China with "free shipping" seem to arrive via US Post in a couple of weeks and the quality of adapter rings, etc. has been perfectly fine. I suspect most such items are made now in China anyhow even if one pays three or four times the price in a domestic store. In the US at least, there seems to be a decent connection between US Post and suppliers in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Amazing.
Not everything is made in China and they make PLENTY of knock-off copycat parts that are of dubious quality compared to the original.

Additionally, for all the well-trodden trade routes that have been setup, consider that we have 20' and 40' containers PILED up at the port of Long Beach and stored around LA that were built just for shipping goods from China to the US and it's not economically feasible for them to ship it back and re-use it. So what do they do? They build more containers. Truly insane.