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Fujilab's UK site hints Astia will be soon gone from 35mm format
Astia is my first choice once I won't have Kodachromes anymore. If that forthcoming discontinuance in 35mm is true, let's try with Sensia (RA), which is the consumer version of Astia (RAP).

My personal opinion, not a fact : what if Fujifilm prefers to sell more Sensia in 35mm to both professionals and hobby photographers, to still be able to make Astia in other formats ? That would reduce the costs for differents packagings, logistics... End of my personal opinion. I am just worried as Astia is used for single-8 movie film cartridges made by alternative companies, and worried because it's possible many films we use aren't coated anymore, and are just sold on a stock basis.

As a film is still in stock, let's use it and think of a possible replacement later. That is my way of using film now.