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Are sure? 500ml sound fine, but 300?
Yeah, I'm talking about rotary processing which is quite common among color processing hobbyists. There's at least two series of Jobo tanks; the smaller ones and the larger ones. The larger one that accepts 120 films (or two 135-36) needs 280 or 290 ml solution IIRC. We have always used 330 ml just to be sure. The smaller ones need even less. With less than 500 ml, our tank can make two 120 films (on different spools) or three 135-36 IIRC at the same time.

AND, this can't be the issue since it says that 100 ASA 120 or even 220 films can be done 16 at a time per 5000 ml, and not 8.

To put the instructions again in another words, it says that you need 625 ml for one 120 roll but with the same amount (625 ml) you would make THREE 135-36 rolls. That won't make any sense even if we are talking about manually agitated tanks because even two 135-36 takes more solution than one 120.

I mailed Fuji if they could explain this .