Thanks everyone for the responses! I ordered a new Nikon 300M thru Badger today. Jeff there seems to feel the Nikon's the better lens, and sells those 10:1 to the fuji. So I was thinking resale value as well. He also said the stated image circle of 325 is underestimated and is the same as the fuji's 380 give or take. Anyway, I have a week to check it out. The only thing in this matter though that I'm concerned about, and this is coming from a complete newbie to LF, is the focal length. 300mm = a measly 84mm in 35mm. Not much of a long lens at all it seems. I would've loved to get say a 500mm(=125mm) but with my Wisner, I guess I'd only be able to have distant focus. This whole deal kinda sucks imo LOL Funny though, in EVERYTHING, nothings perfect. Full of comprimises and such.

Long and short though, Thanks for the suggestions for the Nikon!