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Perhaps the best slide film on the market right now, IMHO, is astia 100F. That, velvia 100, and provia 400x are my standards.
Imo its been the best since it came out.

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Astia is basically an E6 that behaves like a C41 film. If you like the look and latitude of negative film, but prefer to view your pictures with a slide projector or prefer to scan slides rather than negatives, then Astia is a good choice. But if you prefer the 'punch' typical of chrome, Astia is not for you.

Astia doesnt behave like a C41 film, it's the finest grained film in chromes, and has the most nautral colour, and Id also wager it handles true saturated colours better than anything else (such as colours already vivid and intense to the naked eye).

Astia also has an amazing reciprocity rate, the opposite of C41 films :P