I have read through countless threads about home C-41 process. I have read Kodak tech bulletins and then tried to find the chemicals as listed from the Kodak publication, only to find they are currently unavailable?

Is it possible for some who is experienced to post a "C-41 for Dummies" thread????

I process my own B&W and have been to Gary B's house and watched him process C-41. The process itself is not so much the question as is wading through the chemistry.
I know there is a developer, bleach and fixer but Kodak has so many different versions of each.

I know Tetnal has a "press kit" Developer, blix, stabilizer that looks more attractive all the time.

I would prefer to separate the bleach and fix. From what I have read, you will get better results.

So to summarize, to Process C-41 color negative film at home in a small hand held tank what chemicals do I need? Are they currently available in the US?

If I can ask, please be specific about the chemicals needed.
Developer???? developer/replenisher???? both????
Which bleach?
Which fixer?

I am sorry for being such a "dummy"...