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I really like carrying both efke 25 and 100 when I shoot 7x17 for different lighting conditions / look and feel. I wished freestyle would stock the 25 in 7x17 again.
Unfortunately, Efke 25 in ULF sizes is now a special order item. The way to cross this river is to have someone spearhead the aggregation of a particular size film in reasonable quantities. I am in the process of putting together such a special order for 8x20 Efke 25. The good news is that it takes a minimum order of at least 10 boxes of 25 sheets of film to make it go and the factory will ship directly to the US which is very reasonable all things considered. I am considering having the film sent to a single location in the US and then forwarding it to individual people to save money on shipping. Another money saving option is to have the factory package the film in 50 sheet boxes which would not affect the weight, but the size of the package.

Good Luck!