There are many methods to get a good print out of split printing. One method that works well with a negative that has a little more than normal contrast is:

1) Using just 00 filter, create a test strip and pick the time that gives you just a little detail in the highlights. Subtract off about 10% from this time. This becomes your 00 filter time.

2) Expose the print with the 00 filter at the time determined from step #1. Then replace the filter with the #5 filter and make a test strip from this. Note that the paper has been exposed to both 00 for the time found at step #1, and different times for filter #5.

3) Examine the print after dry down and pick the time that gives good shadow detail. This becomes your #5 filter time.

When I work out the details of the above method it seems to work well with negative that are a bit on the contrasty side. It turns out the if the negative is rather low on the contrast the recipe will work but the order and filters should be swapped.