That list you posted above looks interesting. Two questions for you or PE or other experts:

Does the SM developer you listed include replenisher and starter or is that unecessary with that item? I had understood that the usual developer required mixing starter into replenisher for one shot use. Not correct?

Does the bleach III listed include parts A and B or is that unecessary with that item? I understood that bleach could be used without starter but needed parts A & B. Not correct?

This is the thread I had gotten that info from:

Here is a potential source for some of this stuff, but they do not appear to have each the items you listed:

Here is another thread on getting Bleach III, but it refers to Pakor, above.

Let's figure out who sells this stuff in the US once and for all. (if anyone) The Fujihunt kit available from some UK suppliers does not seem to be available in the US

Have Freestyle, B&H or Adorama or Calumet been known to order such chemicals for small buyers?

Thanks all.