Hmmm... after looking at every image of Chamberlain I could find, I must say that the ears, earlobes, nose, cleft chin, eye folds and jowls all point to Chamberlain. Looking at the original in my hand the conclusion seems inescapable. If this was taken just before the Penn Ave studio closed, then he could have been 52 or 53 years old in the photo. Not completely impossible but my gut reaction was that the man in the photo was just a bit older - maybe 55 to 60 years of age. In my original he does not look 'elderly' however. Interestingly, the reason that I missed Chamberlain was that I limited my LOC image search to generals born before 1810, since I was assuming the photo was a wartime image.

cowanw, can you flesh out the scenario wherein the Brady name is showing on the back of an image actually made by Antony co.? Did Antony publish absolute facsimiles, or would the reprint actually say Antony?

Thanks everyone for the help. I will sleep a little better now that I feel I have an ID.

Best, Jon

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Yes Chamberlain was a young man when first a two star general.
But these photos are often made at the reunions of the union army.
Camberlain died in 1914 and this image looks quite elderly; this would not be possible as a real Brady image. Brady's Washington studio closed in 1881, New York in 1875, Putting this image before 1875, but his images were copied by Antony co. and reproduced for many years.