Not a trivial quesgtion since Kodak likes to play a shell game with the product. Here's what I ise:

1. Kodak Flexicolor developer replenisher[/I] in the 19 liter/5 gallon kit. Kodak Cat. No. 191 9042. I purchase it from Calumet and it cost $33.99. You will need a starter and it cost about $10 for a 946mL bottle. It only take 14mL of starter to make a liter of replenisher. I use the developer one shot.

2. Kodak repackaged their one shot Flexicolor bleach III which was available by the gallon for $28.08 at my local camera store and is now marketing it as FlexicolorSM tank bleach in a 2.7 liter container for $38.95 at my local store (Cat. No. 882-4690). However you can still purchase Flexicolor III product in a 12.5 gallon kit (You need Part A and Part B and a starter) for about $300.00.

3. Kodak Flexicolor fixer and replenisher to make 19 liters/5 gallons. Kodak Cat. No. 169-3837. I last purchased this from Adorama for $20 to $25.

4. Kodak Flexicolor Final rinse and replenisher is available in 45mL bottles to make 5 liters (9mL/liter) and cost about $6.00

Remember, with exception of the developer you can reuse the bleach, fix, and replenisher to process the maximum number of rolls/sheets for a given volume of chemisgtry. Check the Kodak pubs. for capacities.