thanks guys, I really appreciate all the help and support !

now, the tricky thing is, getting my parents to actually let me use the bathroom for this purpose. Being that my dad is a doctor, he is a real stickler for our family's health. So getting the whole "can i bring some chemicals that you know absolutely nothing about into YOUR 2nd bathroom"? I asked him and my mum 6 months or so back, and he said no, so please pray that this time his mood has changed. Its not that he's against me doing photography( in some ways, he's very traditional and wants me to go to a 4 year, yada-yada...) but I'm a photo major and I don't think it really clicks in his head that I'm different than him in my methods of learning.

I know there are plenty of threads on this site that go into the safety and precautions of photo chemistry, and I plan on having ALL the MSDS sheets for everything in a spiral notebook.

All this is foreward thinking, If he lets me do this after all

I really want to use the Lodima, and I've been soaking up Michael's writings on his site, and all the things I've been reading on here about it and its fine qualities, but starting out, I think that I'll stick with the papers I know from enlarging, EMAKS(fotokemika) and Ilford. Eventually trying Lodima!

thanks for all the help and support, if anyone has anything to add, or thoughts on something not covered yet here, please post, cause I'm eager to learn!!!!!!

blessings to all you!