Hi Gary,

I purchased 6 new and 3 used ULF holders. They all needed "painting."

I used a BOLD Black Sharpie to "paint" my holders black. I painted every unfinished wood surface on my holders. Once the film is loaded, I put a piece of black tape over the side seam where the film flap meets the holder ( 4 pieces of tape about 1 1/2 inches long). I picked up on this after having too many sheets of $6 film with light streaks.

You'll have to learn to keep your film holders out of the sun as much as possible, learn to expose film with the darkcloth over your camera and learn to reinsert the dark slide without breaking the light seal.

ULF is lots of fun, but it can be aggrivating and expensive while you work the "bugs" out of your system.

Good luck and welcome to ULF