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I've also seen Denise's and I have to say I like the look of hers as opposed to the stuff from the Formulary.
The "Stuff" from the Formulary happens to be Kentmere Baryta paper, coated only with Baryta and never had any other coatings applied to it.
We have it in rolls of 35" x 100' and 15"x100'. We actually got it thru Freestyle when they where the exclusive importer for Kentmere. So the
"Stuff" that the Formulary has is a Machine coated photo base paper. This is not some "Stuff" that we coated.

If you like Denise Ross's paper better that is fine as I know she does fine work, but the only reason we have this paper is to make it available to photographers for various projects, as is most of the other products we sell.