Almost all Baryta papers in the western world today come from Schoeller in Germany.

They are a hot press paper that has been heated and pressed in huge rolling mills that can produce up to 4 surfaces that I have seen so far. Apparently the paper also comes in several tints. This paper is identical to that used by Kentmere and probably Ilford for their FB papers, and is what is being sold by the Formulary.

I'm sure that if the market exists, the paper can be obtained and the Formulary will probably be the place to get it.

The paper that Denise makes is a softer surface due to the lack of the high pressure which is applied to commercial versions and therefore would have a different texture and surface gloss. The commercial papers that I have seen come in gloss, matte, rough and extra rough.

If you coat your own, you can coat on any paper type, but I suggest that it be at least 100# paper, as I have seen some 90# papers disintegrate during processing or washing.