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Hey, this guy is going to fit in here really well.

When I was a kid I'd get bored with TV, and everyone thought I was weird. I haven't owned a TV since 1974, although I did agree a few decades ago that when high definition got here I'd give in. We may be at that point now.
I hope that I can ...

No, I, nor my parents own an hdtv, and frankly, from what I've seen at people's houses, they seem to lag really badly, and the colors all seem too "velvia 50ish" for me. Its like "this field is a nice shade of forest green, but lets give it to em like a fuji green"!

I like some shows on the boob tube, anthony bourdain on the travel channel is very intersting, and who cannot watch Law and Order? c'mon, if you have cable, you have to watch LaO.

but Michael, in answer to fitting in, I plan on staying here for a long, long time .