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any recommendations for a proper light bulb for the exposing lamp? frosted or clear? what wattage to start? ge, phillips, other?

right now the films and papers I'll be using will be tmy-2 and acros in 4x5. Nothing yet in 8x10 , I don't have the camera yet . I'll be using ilford matte fb paper, as well as slavich single weight, and EMAKS G3.

please advise


Dan, as already mentioned, for the faster projection papers you are using I would start with something like a frosted 7.5 watt or 15 watt bulb. You can always play around with the height that the bulb is from the paper to achieve an exposure suitable to allow any manipulation that may be required. I would recommend a frosted bulb because it should give more even illumination then a clear bulb. If these wattage ratings are giving you too long an exposure at a convenient lamp distance then step up to 25, 40, etc.