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Bud, what is the future availability of this paper since Kentmere was bought out by Ilford? If its going to be unavailable soon, and the process I'm trying works out well, I will probably be buying up a good supply to store for myself. It'd be nice to know if it was going to be unavailable. I would have bought a bunch of Centennial POP before it disappeared, but I wasn't following it close enough to know what was about to happen. Thanks for providing this to those of us who need it!

Photo Engineer, do you know if it is possible to buy this paper in small rolls or cut sheets? If so, where?

Thanks for the info everybody!
As I said above, we have rolls that are 15"x100ft., and 35"x100ft. We can sell this by the roll as is or cut a roll to what ever length you would like to have.
As Photo Engineer stated please make sure that this is compatible with your process.
As far as future availability goes, we got this thru Freestyle with a Kentmere lable on it. It was a larger amount than we wanted to get but to get it seemed important at the time. But as PE again explained this was probably actually manufactured by Scholler, as is most available Baryta paper. Now that Ilford has the Kentmere brand maybe Simon Galley will weigh in and tell us if it could be available from them when we run out of what we have, Or if their seemed to be a market maybe Ilford could package uncoated paper in sheet boxes as that is what they do anyhow?
Just for FYI, we have 16 of the 35" rolls, and 12 of the 15" rolls left. Which isn't that much so if you need or want some that is what's available. Just for FYI we won't cut this into sheets, we will only sell by the roll or partial roll.