Well my local photo store/lab will order the chemistry for me and include it in their larger order without shipping. But the minimum quantities are fairly large.
Here are prices and quantities:

1766337 SM Dev 2L $12.95, min order qty 6 = $77.70
8824690 SM Bleach 2.7L $37.50, min 2 = $75
8462681 SM Fixer 3.9L $37.50, min 2 = $75
1925254 SM Final Rinse 1.5L $2.50, min 12 = $31

Total is $257.70

Now I need to find out how much film that will develop and/or find a partner that will go in on this order with me in Austin/San Antonio.

Anyone have the figures for amount of developer per roll with this SM Tank developer?

Anyone know anyone in Austin/San Antonio that might be interested? I'll post this on the local interest forum.

Stradibarrius, you might try this same route, asking a local pro lab to tack your order onto a regular order of theirs.