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I'm interested in purchasing and using an 8x10 PF Slosh Tray for processing my negs. Has anyone here used one? If so, what keeps the negs in their repective troughs? Anything I should be aware of in their use?


I have a PF 8x10 Slosher and use it for all my 8x10 neg developing. It works fine - and I use it for both minimum agitation and semi-stand development procedures.

The Slosher is a developing tray insert that separates sheet film for tray development. The Slosher tray is divided into four compartments which keeps the film sheets separated. The Acrylic plastic compartments have flow-through holes so the solutions can circulate freely. The Slosher can be used for normal or compensating development including Pyro. Mine is made of 1/8 inch red Acrylic plastic.