In the past I was a huge peruser of (eBay store). Many here have reported problems with them, but I have but a lot of gear from them over the years and I would have to recommend them as reputable. Again, my experience and everyone has fostered horror stories, I don't care who they are.

I got going with darkroom supplies primarily from B&H and lately with I believe that starting this year, when I get my boon, I will be doing ALL of my shopping at my local camera shop. Well, they're over an hour away. But they keep chemistry on the showroom floor. They are my kind of shop and they are going to have my business from now on.

They are Camera's Etc. of Newark, Delaware. Located just north of the U of D campus. 1-302-453-9400. The guys and gals are all side photographers. Mostly film. Perhaps more than a smattering of d*g*t*l. I don't hold it against them. They always have lots of great consignment gear at the counter. Can't say as I have seen anything LF ever but I'm sure they now who has items for purchase on the short.

Just thought I would share.
Thanks alot, Ian. Hope you're keeping up that Mediteranean tan of yours.