Actually, I am having a problem with an emulsion.

Those that have proof read the current draft of the book have suggested more informaiton on why things happen. This should be in the formulas section. So, that is one thing I am working on revising.

Then too, I am trying to fix a solarization problem with an emulsion. At first I thought the original samples had a coating defect, but it was solarization so I am studying the problem. It is basically a 100 speed AgBr/I and may need metal dopants. So, I have that to fix in the lab and then write up.

Next, it was suggested that I have an actual pump make in the book just like the work on the DVD. Even though any formula can be done using pumps, a specific example was thought to be in order, and so I am working on a double run emulsion with ramped addition that might be as high in speed as ISO 400. IDK yet.

The last thing suggested was some tests showing addition of specific stabilzers for keeping. My assumption right now has been to make and use, even though they keep for over 6 months coated or in the fridge. In fact, the best keeping was over 1 year. But, I want to do at least one example comparing the normal and stabilzed example.

So, I've been reading, re-reading and editing. It is progressing, but as Chris said, events this summer brought the work to an abrupt halt in early spring. I hope to be back to full time lab and writing work in mid October.

Best wishes to all and my thanks for your patience.