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Hi all,

I had a curious experience last week. I printed a picture on Ilford FB warmtone and toned it in Kodak selenium 1:9 so I had a strong color change. I washed it properly and allowed the print to dry. I mounted it on acid free museum board using Seal dry mount tissue and set my Seal dry mount press to about 250 degrees. I sanwiched the print between the board I was mounting it to and another board on top. When I pulled the print after 3 minutes... all my tone color was gone! The print went back to a neutral gray.

Anyone ever see this before?
That's a new one on me, I selenium tone MGWT for color and drymount and I've never had the problem. But 250 degrees sounds a bit hot. I use the temperature calibration strips to adjust my drymount temp.

Don Bryant