I've had one for a quite a long time. It's a nice, light alternative to my 6X7 slr gear and tends to actually be with me instead of sitting next to the 6X7 stuff at home! First class optics, very fast to operate and it is a gratifying nice piece of gear to own. I seem to get pulled into wedding projects and people-oriented (my company magazine) sorts of things that the vertical format is ideal for. Albums and magazines seem to flow better with vertical orientation so it seems tailor made for this duty. Every medium format camera has its advantages and they're basically all good image grabbers. The 645RF has its place in some folks' bags and would be used little by others. I use the 6X7 gear if I know I will likely be making large prints but I've gotten some very stunning 11X14's from the little Bronica, too. I think that the Mamiya 7 may be a better system to buy into and likely expect a future with. It's not much bigger, its optics are said to be the best available and you'd get that nice, big negative to work from. They don't have the tactile feel of quality for the price they command but I think I could get used to that plasticky, hollow sounding rig if the results are there!