Hi all,

so, I declare sign-up to be closed now. This round we are 56. Here is the final list. Please check if your name is on the list and let me know if it should be on the list but is not. Also check for the number. Please do not send a PM if everything is OK

I will send out the address lists this weekend.


The list:

aluk (30)
Ben Taylor (MAX)
BirgerA (MAX)
bkalafut (30)
Black Dog (MAX)
bmccarthy007 (25)
bpaties (30)
bwakel (20)
c.w. (10)
Cara (30)
Christopher Walrath (MAX)
crispinuk (50)
david b (50)
Denis K (25)
Dr. Louie (30)
drpsilver (MAX)
DrZish (30)
Eric Mac (MAX)
gordrob (30)
hoffy (20)
Jane Ryan (10)
Jerevan (10)
jst (15)
karl burke (25)
KingJon (25)
kraker (25)
KWhitmore (30)
Laurent (20)
lorirfrommontana (25)
Lynda (MAX)
Marianne (20)
markrewald (MAX)
Mary Ryan (10)
MattKing (32)
mckenna (30)
meltronic (20)
Mick Fagan (MAX)
mike c (25)
Mike Wilde (30)
mooseontheloose (MAX)
ozphoto (25)
paul_c5x4 (15)
photomem (15)
polyglot (50)
Rob Skeoch (MAX)
Roger Bulcock (MAX)
rst (MAX)
rtbadman (MAX)
rwyoung (25)
sage (26)
sly (MAX)
Tim Gray (MAX)
tocalosh (50)
Wayne Frederick (20)
wazza (MAX)