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I expect to be able to use the kit for between 25 to 50 rolls on a one shot basis, or 1 to 0.50 per roll approx.

On the process: I used the standard C-41 process as detailed in the Jobo memory, giving 3.25 minutes developer, 6 minutes bleach, 1 minute wash, 6 minutes fix, 4 minutes wash, 1.5 minutes stabalizer (out of Jobo).
What chemical volume do you use for single-use?

Is the fuji kit designed for reuse like the Tetenal kits?

I'm thinking about switching to Fuji because (1) of the separate fix and bleach baths and (2) price.

I've only used Tetenal up to this point.

Is the Fuji kit hard to mix? For how long will mixed chemicals stay fresh?