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I bought mine at Graingers. I think it was around $30.00. I'm waiting for Lodima Fine Art to be delivered before I stock up on any bulbs. Since the test paper was so fast I had to go to a lower wattage bulb, so I want to see how fast the new paper is. Of course if you have a big stock of Azo you already know the speed.

I use a 150 Watt incandescent reflector flood and find with Lodima processed in Amidol and FP4+ processed in Pyrocat HD that I get paper d-max through the B+F of the film with a 12 second exposure (normal film processing). The light is about 2 feet above the paper. So a 300 Watt may not be needed. For Efke PL-100 (normal film processing) it took 35 seconds as the B+F was much greater.

I had replaced several of these bulbs with non-incandescent reflector floods a while back and kept them for printing use. So I don't know if they are readily available.