Hi Brad...

Yes, that's about right on diagonal measurements. I'm counting on each lens having more decent quality covering power than their specs indicate. I'm fairly certain the Apo Symmar and Apo Sironar-N can cover 5x12 nicely but the G-Claron is a different animal. I've been reading that this series has far more coverage at reasonable quality into the corners than the specs show. That said, I'm sure even the little G-Claron will cover 4x10 with no problems.

I can't afford a 210mm SS XL and I don't want to carry around or handle larger lenses than I really need. Older 200-ish FL lenses, i.e. 210mm SA, are just too big and heavy. I would fiddle around and drop it.

If the lenses I've listed just can't do the job properly that's another thing... I'll move up. Again though, I really don't need much wiggle room.